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What Is Good Posture?

Basic posture correction is not common knowledge. Just look at a baby learning to walk. A baby can never progress from lying on its stomach to standing and walking without a significant amount of trial an error to find it's own center of gravity. Use the simple techniques of finding your Foundation, Elongating your spine, and placing it all in Mid-line. Foundation+Elongation+Mid-line = Posture.

Without posture correction we find our selves in what called a kyphotic posture when we're at the computer. This happens no matter if you're at a standing desk or a sitting desk. This happens because we get tired and then we get lazy. Thus, it's important to take breaks, stretch, and reset that posture.

Kyphosis is the forward motion, forward bending of the spine. If we take conscious efforts to correct our spine everyday we begin to create new reflex reactions to bad posture. So start with this simple concept of Foundation+Elongation+Mid-line to achieve good posture. Good posture creates more equal weight through your base of support. In sitting its the gravity between your pelvis on the chair and the feet on the ground that creates balance. When we are standing its the weight between our feet, knees and pelvis that creates balance.

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