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Back Pain

By Dr. Clifford Yun, PT, DPT


Back pain is a very general term and there are many thoughts on how to treat back pain. (see Back Pain Is Trending). This section of our page will discuss the different types of back pain.  All of the mentioned types of back pain are treated here at #AltaPTNYC.


Lower Back Pain (LBP)

LBP is the most common description of what is commonly called back pain. Some of the often treated types of LBP are : 


1 - Herniated Disc

2 - Bulging Discs

3 - Muscle Strain

4 - Spondylolysis/Spondylolisthesis

5 - Scoliosis

5 - Stenosis

4 - Sciatica


Discs: Herniated vs Bulging Discs:

First, the anatomy of the vertebra (spine bone) in relation to discs and nerves should be understood.


The disc is the spongy layer between each vertebra. The spinal cord has branches that come out of the side of the back of a vertebra. When these nerves are stimulated by pressure we get the feeling of pain. The bulging disc is the outer ring of the disc that is inflamed and puts pressure on to the nerve root. The herniation of a disc is when the insides of the disc break free and leak onto the spinal root or the spinal cord itself. Both can cause pain at the level of bulge or herniation as well as all the areas the nerve is connected to. (Above pictures are from " , provider of "Evidence-Based Health Articles" )


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