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Since November of 2006, New York State law allows physical therapists to treat patients without a referral. However, there is the possibility that treatment without a referral may not be covered by the patient's health care plan or insurer.  Our staff at Alta PT can review your medical coverage to assess if your insurance covers direct access care. 

What Direct Access means for you?

Without the requirement of seeing another clinician (MD, Dentist, Nurse, Physician's Assistant) you get to physical therapy sooner. This also means less expenses and wait time to treat your area of pain.  Prior to Direct Access the doctor referral, the X-ray and MRI and other tests inhibit the start of your rehab exercises. Sometimes this process can take one or three weeks. Now, when someone has an injury they can come to Alta PT first and get treated right away. If the injury is more severe and we decide x-rays and MRIs are necessary than we can refer to one of many skilled clinicians in our network to best evaluate the injury further.  



Are Physical Therapist Qualified To Make An Initial Diagnosis?

Physical Therapist work in a wide variety of medical specialties.  The current standard of education is at the doctorate level and therapist graduate with a wealth of experience and knowledge to diagnosis not only sprains, strains, and tears but also the skills to identify other conditions, such as possible hernias, skin diseases, cancers, and more. What was once learned through experience alone is taught at the graduate school level. In addition to the advance in education physical therapist must also have 3 years of experience to see patients with Direct Access. 


To check your insurance and see if you have Direct Access coverage

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