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Spondylolysis - Spondylolisthesis 

By Dr. Clifford Yun, PT, DPT


As a spine bends and stays bent it can begin to cause a break down of the discs between the vertebra and the vertebra bone itself. The disc breaking down can lead to bulging or herniating discs. As the discs push forward we create a shift of the vertebra from its normal alignment.  This is why we can find this diagnosis included with those that have scoliosis

The pars interarticularis is the back of the vertebra. As the back continues to bend the pars interarticularis begin to put pressure on each other. Initially, symptoms may include feelings similar to that found with arthritis, but as the pressure builds it becomes too great for the bones and they fracture. Fractures, just like the spondylolysis to spondylolisthesis, have different grades of injury classification. It must be evaluated by a doctor by x-ray to determine the best type of treatment. 


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