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Manual Therapy

More Than A Massage

Osteopath at Work

Massage is a general term for the rubbing of muscles and joints to reduce tension or pain.  A massage can be given by any individual offering their services.  We suggest getting a massage from a trained licensed massage therapist (LMT). Do ask for what school your LMT came from as there is not a federally regulated licensure board for LMTs. 


Manual Therapy involves soft tissue mobilization and joint mobilizations at small to large intensity. Manual therapy techniques are performed by licensed physical therapists (PTs). PTs are governed by a federally regulated licensure board. PTs utilize soft tissue mobilization with our extensive education in anatomy, physiology, and neurological conditions to reduce inflammation, improve muscle activation, and improve muscle and joint mobility.  Joint mobilization produces both soft tissue and cartilage tissue changes that further improve functional task performance.  Functional tasks can mean anything from playing a sport better to just walking to the park better. 


Our Myofascial Release services are now available for the non-injured population. You don't have to wait till you're in pain to get the mobility you need. Get your body moving to optimal performance with one-on-one treatment with one of our manual therapy specialists for 30-minute or 60-minute session. 5 and 10 session packages are available.


For more information on pricing or to experience the benefits of soft tissue myofascial release and joint mobilizations yourself, call 212-956-2900 , e-mail or send to send us a direct message <click here


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