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Patient Testimonials

"I am in my late 50’s and still very active in sports and other physical activities and first came to Alta Physical Therapy to address lower back pain.  I have scoliosis and developed occasional lower back pain about 10-12 years ago.  I had been doing some core exercises and stretching on my own to alleviate my back pain and read about the Schroth method in the paper about 2 years ago.  I learned that Alta utilized the Schroth method and that is where I met Clifford.  Clifford worked with me over the course of several months teaching me the Schroth method.  He was very detailed in his teaching, truly helping me to understand how the Schroth method worked relative to my curvature.  Clifford instilled in me the importance of performing the exercises using the correct form. In addition to the Schroth exercises, Clifford also helped me with my sitting, standing and walking posture, as well as my sleeping position.  Clifford also instructed me with respect to several non-Schroth exercises to strengthen my core.  Clifford’s work with me has certainly helped my lower back pain and I continue to do the exercises he prescribed for me on my own on an almost daily basis.  I would highly recommend Clifford for anyone with lower back pain (or for any other physical therapy needs, as Clifford successfully worked with me more recently on an elbow problem that I had), as he is an active listener, knowledgeable and bright, and eager to create a program for the patient that will improve their physical well-being.  "


Scoliosis and the Adult Male

"Last year, I was experiencing lower back pain on a daily basis over a seven-eight week period. While not debilitating, I was concerned that this could become a long-term problem affecting my day-to-day quality of life. I consulted with a back specialist. After a thorough evaluation, this doctor did not find evidence of a structural problem, but did strongly recommend physical therapy. I reached out to Clifford Yun (who had worked with me previously for a successful therapy program for foot pain) and started a twice-weekly therapy session to address my back pain. Cliff had an initial session with me to evaluate my condition and develop a progressive plan of stretching, strengthening, targeted massage and pulse therapy. The sessions were structured with the goal first to lessen my day-to-day back pain and then to increase the flexibility and strength of my back and supporting muscle groups and these sessions started to show positive results within the first two weeks. At these sessions (followed with email documentation), Cliff gave me a personal program (added to in later sessions) to work on at home. After about eight weeks, I was making very good progress, so therapy sessions were cut back from twice weekly to once a week. After twelve weeks of sessions in total, I had achieved the objectives that Cliff and I had set at the start of a pain-free and strengthened back, with an ongoing flexibility/strengthening program for maintaining those results. I attribute the positive results of my therapy to Cliff's expertise and experience; to Cliff's carefully designed and progressive program for treating and improving my back; and to his thoughtful and interactive approach, based on listening closely to my ongoing feedback on the condition of my back. Throughout these sessions, Cliff was an excellent communicator and extremely personable. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Cliff to anyone considering undertaking a physical therapy program."

Stephen Beach

"I was experiencing painful sciatica predominantly in my left leg, especially when I was driving. It was so extreme when driving that I would have to shift my position while driving every few minutes. I came to AltaPT, with a recommendation from my wife to see Clifford Yun. Cliff was and continues to be an exceptional teacher and therapist: during the first session, he located the muscle that was particularly rigid and causing much of the excruciating pain.  He provided me with on-site therapy and was an expert at isolating the muscle, and providing therapeutic massage, heat, and a series of useful exercises that were simple to perform.  While the condition has not gone away completely, the course of therapy and regular exercise have significantly reduced the intensity and frequency of sciatic pain.  I am impressed with the skill, knowledge, and sociality of the staff at Alta, from the receptionist to PT aides and interns, to the staff, especially Cliff Yun. "

Charles Zerner

Professor, Sarah Lawrence College

If it had not been for Toni, I was heading for back and neck surgeries many years ago. My physical therapy with Toni has kept me going for over 10 years.

Susan Stack

Stack Coins

"Over the past few years, Clifford Yun and his colleagues at Alta Physical Therapy has been helping me to address pain and functionality related to:


Chronic Back, Knee and Shoulder pain.


In addressing each situation Cliff starts out with a thorough evaluation and provides hands-on treatment and a progressive plan for exercise and therapy. Frequently, he will email exercise routines to me with sample photos and descriptions of the individual exercises or stretching routines that I find very helpful in keeping me on track and doing the routines correctly.  


Overall the team at Alta is very skilled and supportive of my efforts to be pain-free.

I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a PT practice that if focused and caring."

Charles Paldy

New York, NY

"I have just completed a series of PT sessions with Scott Teagarden at the Alta Physical Therapy facility which had been highly recommended to me by my physician.  The concern and professionalism in getting my full story and the time Scott took to understand my situation was very different from earlier experiences.  As an older woman, I have had my share of care at other therapeutic centers, including one at an esteemed orthopedic hospital; none of which held a candle to the skill and the attention given to patients at Alta.  I recommend Alta wholeheartedly, the facility as well as the extraordinary care I received there.  In addition, Scott Teagarden most assuredly has magic hands."

Bernice Manocherian

President, American Israel Public Affairs Committee

"As an older dancer, I have spent much of my life in physical therapy, for the past four years at Alta Physical Therapy under the care of Scott Teagarden, who should be cloned. He has seen me through sciatica, a shoulder injury, and a hip replacement. As someone who as abused her body doing modern dance for so many decades I find myself back to remarkable functioning. Scott has taught me worlds about how my whole body works, which is more I can say for most of my dance teachers. 

  Alta is a warm, relaxed, smoothly functioning place. Kathy and the rest of the staff are welcoming and unflappable. I've just "graduated." I will miss them. "

Martie Barylick

Professor at New York University's Steinhardt School and Mason Gross School of the Arts in Rutgers University.

"A visit to Alta Therapy is a renewal of the spirit. There is laughter and fellowship and understanding from everyone who works there, from the receptionist to the trainers and therapists. In the very swift and cold city of New York, it is wonderful to find really brilliant therapists who not only heal the body but also nurture the individual spirit of each person."

Barbara Barrie

Award Winning Fim and Stage Actress

"My mother always taught me not believe in miracles or magicians of any kinds as they do not really exist. My treatment at ALTA however, seems to have proven my mother wrong. Scott is a miracle worker!"

Yoram Ginach


"I was referred to PT due to a neck sprain and slip disc, which resulted in severe pain in my upper shoulder and neck region. I found Alta PT online and they had great yelp reviews, so I decided to give them a call and am so glad that I did. 

Everyone I have dealt with has been so pleasant, and it has been easy to schedule appointments.

I have been seeing Cliff for a week now, and he is an absolute genius! Within 2 sessions with him, I am able to get through most of my day almost 95% pain-free!! I feel like myself again. Anyone suffering from pain, knows first-hand just how it can affect your daily regimen and your personality. 

After my session with Cliff yesterday, my husband and my staff were all able to notice immediately just how much better I was based on how I looked and how I interacted those around me, I actually felt like myself again! I know I still have a few more weeks of PT before I am back to ‘normal’ but I have all the confidence that Cliff will get me there.

I have been so happy with the care and follow up that I have received and would have no hesitation in recommending Alta (specifically Cliff) to anyone else.

Thank You for making this painful journey bearable!"

Dr. Azzrah Thobani, OD

Optometrist - NYC Lenscrafters

"I attribute my flexibility, pain management and energy to the dedication, intelligence, creative approach and ‘magical’ genius of Toni and her outstanding staff. As a facility, ALTA is the perfect gym. The equipment is state of the art, the environment handsome and modern and the locker rooms are pristine. The vibe at ALTA is upbeat, warm, and inclusive."

Claudia Barasch

Event planner

"I am Humpty Dumpty: half a dozen surgeries. And what the king’s men couldn’t, Toni and Alta did: put me together again. Following a total knee reconstruction, I was able to complete the Hawaii Ironman, thanks to Toni. I don’t trust my body to anybody else."

John Frankel

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel correspondent


A word from our network of specialist.​

It is important to me that my patients recover as quickly as possible. At Alta, the therapists have advanced and specialized skills, which in combination with their personal care, ensures optimum healing. That’s why my patients are not only satisfied with their treatment but are happy with the progression of their recovery.
– Nathaniel L. Tindel • MD, Northshore Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center, New York Center For Spinal Disorders

Dr. Nathaniel L. Tindel, MD

Northshore Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center, New York Center For Spinal Disorders

Following injuries and surgery, competent therapy is imperative to the healing of our patients. Alta Physical Therapy has demonstrated expertise and knowledge in these matters, providing the level of care our patients need.

Dr. Jonathan Glashow, MD

Mount Sinai Medical Center

"Alta delivers results to my patients. I have the utmost confidence that my patients will receive the highest level of specialized care resulting in the maximum possible recovery."

Dr. Robert G. Marx, MD

Hospital for Special Surgery

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