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Sprain and Strains for Spring & Summer Sports

Tennis and golf fanatics come out of the woodwork to over use their bodies. So, before you hit the back 9 or get on the court you may want to think about some fine tuning. Going to your local physical therapist for a full evaluation can prevent the $$$ that adds up from back and shoulder injuries due to over use and weakness.

Here at Alta PT we use functional movement screens to evaluate the mobility of the shoulder joint, the elbow joint, and back.

We've also done a few hip mobility stretching videos for you to review after that day of all that fun in the sun.

If you have pain, weakness, and other symptoms related to this topic call 212-956-2900 or go to the Contact section of our webpage for an appointment


If you're in NY this Summer going out to #TheHamptons come visit us @Lift Gym Wainscott @ 354 Montauk Highway.

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