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SORRY we're not selling CBD now. I just knew it'd get some heads turned. So turn your eyes to this posts real topic:

It's become a weekly if not daily conversation with my clients. It's on all the media outlets. It's CBD. CBD stand for Cannabidiol. CBD is a cannabinoid derrivate from from cannabis plant. The reported findings from Dr. Reddit is that this is an amazing cure-all medicinal, "all natural" way to reduce pain and inflammation. I have heard claims for reducing migraines, chronic (this means long-term..not cannabis) pain, muscle spasms, etc.

What I tell my client is this. The jury is still out. We have had no support from the federal government to legalize the study of marijuana to an acceptable level. Without a large enough population of people for the US medical community to study CBD we are resting our understanding of CBD on popular opinion. That's like saying hey I'm going to start eating only candy for breakfast lunch and dinner because 9/10 people I talked to said that would be a great idea. Now disregard that I had this conversation with 9/10 children while picking up my cousin from daycare.... I wanted to find more research out there for backing up the reasons for my incomplete opinion on the matter but it looks like Dr. ZDogg got to it before me. If you haven't heard of him I think you should start listening to him. The only thing he sell is the occasional T-shirt I think.

Check it out. (Be advised adult material, content is discussed in this video)

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