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Feeling The Happiness Flow In

Its #FridayFeeling #FlashbackFriday So I thought I'd repost the video of Kim and show you how much she's changed since our first visit. She equated her posture to a straw that was bent and it was now just unbending a bit and "Feel Happiness Flow In." (fast forward to 4min 25sec to find it).

How awesome is that? Yes, I know it sounds like a something out of self help, meditation, weekend retreat. But the truth is that for those of us with back pain, scoliosis, kyphosis, etc..Our backs can feel stiff, blocked, and just well...not happy. So in comes posture re-education. Exercises to challenge your posture and open up those stiff, blocked areas.

Borrowing from Adam Sand'er's Billy Madison and Kevin Nealan's character, "Harness the good energy, block out the bad"

Take a breath folks. Realign your posture, reset yourself from the week and let the happiness flow in.

A recent study shows "Schroth Physiotherapeutic Scoliosis-Specific Exercises" can produce a 4 deg improvement of scoliosis. However; the other component of Quality of Life for adults is even more important. The Quality of Life measurement can mean your pain decrease, self image improves, and general daily function improves. Functional gains such as more endurance to do activities daily walking, yoga, or just simply sitting at a dinner with friends. I have a had a distance cyclist cycle 90 miles without pain after learning and dedicating time to Schroth exercises. We have seen tango dancers, soft ball players, and others do what they enjoy without pain because now they know how to move with their spine, away from the scoliosis. Open the straw folks and have a happy Friday.

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