2 post's in one day?! 3 posts in 1 week? I must be heavily inspired....or its just way too hot outside so blogging and watching health and fitness videos are getting me inspired...


Anyways! Inspired!

Well folks its #NationalFrenchFryDay. We all love them but before we decide to take part in this day of potato elation lets get some perspective.


Small Fries (71 g) = 222 calories

Medium Fries (117 g) = 365 calories

Large (154 g) = 480 calories


Before you indulge lets think about what it takes to burn those starchy sticks of goodness. 


Katherine Stevenson (@kat_stev) of idealshape.com found these results for you.

<Read the full article here Burn More Calories With 7 Simple Moves>

At 140 lbs:

200 calories squats for 15 minutes 

100 calories from doing 90 burpees

100 calories from Step Jacks/Jumping Jacks 10 minutes

80 calories from walking lunges for just 10 minutes


So plan before your celebrate. Know your limits and honor this holiday by #EatingResponsibly 

This has been a #FitforThought type of moment..or is it #FitforFood...



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