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As the NY Marathon is just around the corner its time to remember that if you're a runner, power walker, or just are on your feet its time to check your shoes. The life span of a shoe varies from type of use and design. states, "...most running shoes will last between 300 and 500 miles, which is, admittedly, quite a range. Minimalist shoes and racing flats, since they have less material underfoot and are generally less durable, will typically last 200 to 400 miles"

Podiatirst Dr. Pribut recommends, "Walking shoes should likely be changed every 6 to 9 months. If you walk 4-5 miles or so a day this works out to be around 1,000 – 1,500 miles of walking." suggest this for gym shoes, "If you are walking 30 minutes a day, or an average of 3 to 4 hours a week, replace your shoes every six months. If you are walking 60 minutes a day or an average of 7 hours a week, replace your shoes every three months."

Overall I suggest that if you look at the bottom of your shoes and look at your feet when you're standing in the shoe. If you cannot keep your tibia (shin) and patella (knee cap) in line with the 2nd-3rd toe then you're probably falling into bad angles as you are walking, running or climbing stairs.

When the foot collapses inward causing you to weight bear more on to the inside of your feet this is called pronation. This is common to those with a falling arch, flat feet, and the big toe bunion.

If you look at your shoe and most of the outer end of the sole is worn way, or you get a lot of pinky toe or ball of the pinky toe pain that means you're a supinator.

The importance here is that the feet are your first point of foundation for upright work. Without correcting these anatomical faults we fall into larger ankle angles and risk injuries to our knees, hips, back, all the way up the chain. So get to it, or just come on in and have us take a look at your footwear. Shoe/sneaker wear and tear leads to body wear and tear. Remember if you can talk to your sneaker its time to get a new sneaker.

Simpsons -Season 7 Episode 24

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