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48 yr. Old Female. Had lower back pain with lifting heavy things or cycling for long rides. After Alta PT Schroth Treatment, she now has no pain with either.

Scoliosis is not just a diagnosis for girls or just for adolescents. Scoliosis can go undiagnosed or it can develop over time from poor posture, or postures developed after an injury. Cleveland Clinic posted these surprises in a 2014 article:

“Surprise #1: If you are diagnosed with scoliosis, you probably won’t need surgery."

"Surprise #2: The size or the location of your spine’s curve doesn’t predict whether or not you will have symptoms."
"Surprise #3: Adults can have one of two types of scoliosis."
"Surprise #4: Smoking causes back and neck problems."
"Surprise #5: You can still exercise with scoliosis."

As Schroth Certified therapists we have seen not only children a but a large number of adults and older adults that have recent been diagnosed with scoliosis. Not all have pain that they specifically related to their spine. Some may say they have a leg length difference. Others may complain of shoulder pain from years of tennis or softball but in the end, they found out it was their scoliosis that was driving their condition. Because of the there are less adults aware of their scoliosis there are less studies talking about Physical Scoliosis Specific Exercise (PSSE). As of last year we now have a study that shows the benefits of PSSE for children. You can visit the open source - which means free - research site PLOS One to see the findings yourself here:

One day soon we will have larger reviews of adult scoliosis and PSSE but for now I can say from personal experience that we have adults are seeing a difference with Schroth Scoliosis Physical Therapy and they have come from Virginia, Tokyo, and more to work on their scoliosis.

You can see one of our scoliosis adults here:

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