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Runner Guide to Weight lifting

I found this great Runner's World article by Jen Ator, C.S.C.S. (@Jen_Ator) . I think it brings up a common problem I see in those who are high-level cardio athletes but do nothing to maintain their body when they're off not in the water or pounding the pavement. Even the power walker, walking stick hiker, or long distance cycler needs more stabilization to keep the hips and shoulders doing what they're supposed to do and let the core muscles (abs,pecs,spine muscles, etc) do their job. Without each working well on their own, how can we expect to move them well together? Take in this read and give it a try. As always, if it causes any pain stop. You may need a quick body evaluation for weakness and instability. For that give us a ring 212-956-2900

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