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Self-Portrait Your Scoliosis

An important factor in understanding your scoliosis is understanding what it looks like. Without understanding where it bends and rotates you cannot gain control of its progression. Even when surgery is the only option you still have to be aware of your posture.

In 2013 I had the chance to interview Erin Myers and since then she has become a well established teacher of Scoliosis and fitness. Here's a look back at our conversation The Scoliosis Dancer.

Erin has developed a nice group of videos that simply explain the how to know your scoliosis spine. She has titled them The Scoliosis Starting Point Series.

I would like to note how Erin points out that drawing or taking pictures of your back is not a replacement for X-rays. I touched upon this subject as well in my blog post X-Rays or No X-Rays.

If you believe you have scoliosis or have already been diagnosed with scoliosis I suggest giving Erin's videos a look over.

If would like a full scoliosis examination for physical therapy and manual therapy click here: Contact Us. All three of our therapist are Schroth for Scoliosis Physical Therapy Certified. We are all also manual therapists.

To follow Erin via her webpage and twitter @ErinSprialSpine.

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