It's Not Just For New Year's - Fall Resolution - #DoMore #Walk

September 19, 2017

It's September! That means we're going back to all systems normal. What's normal?
Normal is the desk, the 9-5. The clock in clock out, go to work, repeat clock in

Why are we waiting for New Years to make resolutions. September signifies Fall is
approaching. Get your good activity habits in now. We started off September with a holiday that celebrates the hard work and sweat of others past. So, why should we make the same mistakes of the
past? Make changes to your health and get out there.

September has plenty of things to enjoy in the months to come so get outdoors, take
advantage of the many parks and paths w


e now have to see the riverside, paths to the
Hudson Valley, and hiking up north. You don't have to travel far to get some fresh (or semi
fresh in the city) air. Central Park, Roosevelt Island, Prospect Park and Flushing Meadows park
have vast amounts of trails for hiking, biking, and even horse back riding.
Hiking health benefits:
Hiking is a great activity to get the whole body moving while taking in the sceanry and
realizing how amazing the near by hills of the trust area are. Check out the many trails
NYC has here
 Berkshire Hiking


So what exactly does hiking workout:



Hiking gets the whole body moving. Investing in hiking poles and you'll be using more
upper body movement, which increases the heart rate and makes a simple stroll into a
cardiovascular challenge.

Apple picking is a great activity to combined two favorites good food and fitness.
If you've got time to do an overnight we head up the Hudson to hike the easy to traverse
Bear Mountain and then spend the night in one of the many revitalized towns on the
Hudson. Then make your way to the plentiful amount of apple orchards that you can pick
the apples yourself. Check out NY Apple Country for more info.  Hike through the hilly terrain of an apple orchard then sit down for some fresh apple cider, apple pie, apple donuts and more. But only put in what you putout. Moderation in your rewards prevents an unhealthy over eating "cheat" for your efforts.





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