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The Dangers Of Sitting

Many of Americans have jobs that require long hours at a desk. Studies

estimate we spend anywhere between 7.7 and 15 hours just sitting every

day. The resulting health risks are a serious threat. A sedentary lifestyle

can lead to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and, of course,

obesity, according to reports from the Mayo Clinic.

Some believe they can counteract these health risks by being more active

after a day at the office — for example, hitting the gym for an hour when

they get off work. But research published by Diabetologia, a monthly

medical journal, shows that even exercising regularly does not reduce the

side effects that come with extended hours of sitting.

The only real solution is less sitting and more movement throughout the

day. Standing desks have becoming more and more common — for good

reason. Standing burns 20 percent more calories than sitting, engages your

body’s muscles, and can fend off the physiological effects sitting triggers.

But just standing isn’t enough. You need to be moving throughout the day — at

least two minutes of movement every hour. Walk to the drinking fountain, move

around while on a phone call,park farther away from the building, or try walking

around with coworkers during a meeting instead of sitting in a conference room.

Remember, this habit of less sitting needs to extend outside of the workplace.

Researchers from Loughborough University in England and Victoria University

in Australia found that, even when given a standing desk as work, participants

in their study just began sitting more at home. Combating the habits of a

sedentary lifestyle has to be to be a constant, focused practice.

Deciding to live a more active lifestyle is important, but any time you make

major activity-level changes, it’s important to do them safely. Contact us

at Alta to begin to learn how to find your posture. We can also help you

find the right simple, easy stretching and strengthening exercises to make

every day a day with movement.

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