Its #FridayFeeling #FlashbackFriday So I thought I'd repost the video of Kim and show you how much she's changed since our first visit.  She equated her posture to a straw that was bent and it was now just unbending a bit and "Feel Happiness Flow In." (fast forward to...

 This perfect picture got forwarded to our office today.  I did some searching and it came from a website by @HemaliBMeh. I think there's some great info on this site in regards to neck pain and what we need to do to correct our postural faults due cell phone over use....

Scoliosis is not just a diagnosis for girls or just for adolescents. Scoliosis can go undiagnosed or it can develop over time from poor posture, or postures developed after an injury. Cleveland Clinic posted these surprises in a 2014 article:

“Surprise #1: If you are di...

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